Delete My Account

Deleting an account is irreversible after 2 weeks of this process taking place, please be sure of your action, before submitting an account deletion request.

If you no longer wish to use any of sFTP App's services, please send an account deletion request to the following email, ensuring you send the request from the account you have services with:

To: From: [your account email address] Subject: Account Deletion Request or Delete My Account Message:I confirm I would like all my account data to be completely removed from your system, and I am aware of the actions of my request, and accept that I cannot reverse this action after 2 weeks have passed.

Note: Deletion requests sent to us using another email will be ignored.

Your account data cannot be restored after 2 weeks of this process taking place.

What happens to my data?

To comply with the GDPR "Right to erasure", all account data is deleted within 30 days (from the following day when we've confirmed that we've received your request). If you made your account public this will be removed within 3 working days.

Account Deletion Process



First Week

During the first week we perform the following tasks:

  • Change your data to be private. (if previously was set to public)

  • Move any public / private key pairs to another database with a hashed reference to your account (hash cannot be reversed to identify an account, but your account can be re-hashed to match up the data, This is so we can restore this if you decide to restore your data within the first 2 weeks). This is removed from our main database so that data cannot be changed.

  • Mask Account Data (e.g. name, email, phone number, etc)

Second Week

We send a reminder (only if requested by customer) for a last chance to restore account data. This is usually sent around the 14th day, if we haven't heard anything within 72 hours of this email being sent, the third week process will begin.

Third Week

We remove all account related data: (including but not limited to)

  • Account Details (e.g. name, email, phone number, etc)

  • Workspaces

  • Synced Items

  • Public / Private Keys

  • License(s)

  • Payment Details (these will still remain with payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe, we do not have control over this data)

  • Order Information (details you filled out when purchasing a license)

  • Tokenised Data (saved cards)

Fourth Week

Account data is removed from backups.

What happens to my license?

If you have a license attached to your account, you can request the owner of the license to revoke this license from your account and re-assign it to someone else, or if you own the license yourself you can request this to be transferred to another account. If not the license will also be deleted and if you wish to return to any of sFTP App's services you will need to provide proof of purchase to re-instate your license (if you lose your proof of purchase, you'll need to purchase another license).