Lifetime Licenses

How do I purchase a lifetime license?

We have several ways to purchase a lifetime license:

  1. Purchase a license using our in-app payments for Credit / Debit Card or PayPal.

  2. Visit and use our checkout.

  3. If you're a macOS user you can purchase using your Apple iTunes Account in-app.

When I purchase how long until I get my license(s)?

Once payment is complete, you will get your license(s) straight away, however sometimes payment providers can take up to 1 hour (in most cases usually within 5-10 minutes) to notify us of your payment, once your payment is processed and we've been notified, you will receive a welcome email from us (if you haven't already registered) and a second email containing your license key(s).

How often will I be charged?

A lifetime license doesn't require any future payments. You will never have to pay more than once.

Will i get future updates and upgrades?

Yes, updates (including fixes and new features) as well as major releases are free of charge.

Will all features be accessible to me?

Unfortunately not, some features require a subscription license, this is due to some features having a financial impact on our business (i.e. server costs, maintenance, help and support, bandwidth from our API, etc).

What happens if i later decide to get a subscription?

A lifetime license covers you on all lifetime pro features, if you need the team features you can add this onto your lifetime license at a reduced cost with a 50% discount.

I have a subscription added to my lifetime license and want to cancel?

Simply cancel your subscription in the usual way, as you have a lifetime license your license will resume back to having lifetime features only, you will not lose your lifetime license.